Programmable polyrhythm metronome for training complex rhythms. Providing three parallel tracks, a light metronome and a store for your settings.

The metronome allows to set exactly that rhythm you need to train.

To set a rhythm, a simple textual programming interface is provided. The sounds are denoted by single characters. For example the character 'g' represents a Claves sound. The length of the sound is given as fraction of the beat.


  • "g" is equal to g1, meaning sound g is repeatedly played with a tempo given by the beats per minute setting.
  • "a b b b" ... rhythm of 4 notes with two sounds 'a' for AgogoHigh and 'b' for AgogoLow. The sounds are running in a loop.
  • "a b z" ... rhythm of 3 notes. 'z' denotes a pause,
  • "d/2 d/2 c3/2 d/2" ... pattern with fractions of beats; first two notes have a half beat duration; then a note with one and a half beat duration follows; then a note with a half beat duration again.
  • "h/3" in the first line and "j/4" in the second line results in high and low bongo notes playing four against three. In similar manner complex polyrhythms can be set.

An extra keyboard allows efficient editing of rhythms. The drum sound inventory of 43 sounds can be inspected from the keyboard by typing the '~'.

In addition to the three drum sound tracks, a light metronome can be programmed in similar manner. The lights are set with the letters w, r, g, b, y, m, c and d, meaning the colors white, red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan and dark (black).

Example: b2 d2 ... two beats blue, two beats black.

Further a surface with configurable drum pads supports drumming interaction and memorizing the drum sound letters. The pads can be added from the drum sound inventory by pressing '+', reordered by long pressing the pad and dragging and dropping, and removed with '-' if needed.

Beside a slider for adjusting the overall loudness, the individual drum sound loudness can be set by adding a plus or minus sign followed by a number in the range from -9 to 9. For example 'd/2-4' would reduce the sound level for 4 dB.

A complete set of drum sounds is at your hand.

The drum samples were taken from "Open Metronome" . The author of Open Metronome extracted the drum samples from the "Fluid R3" soundfont from Frank Wen who provided it for free, and unlimited use (see).

The Store allows to select a rhythm from the repository. Around 20 preset rhythms are provided. Self created rhythms can be named, added to the list and saved for later use.

Find below a few samples in music notation together with their notation in the MsyMetron interface.

Simple Metronom with Claves sound

Rhythm track: g

Typical claves rhythm

Rhythm track: g3/4 g/4 z/2 g/2 z/2 g/2 g

Fast rock

Rhythm track 1: x
Rhythm track 2: c C c/2 c/2 C
(x:HihatClosed, c:Bassdrum1, C:SnareAcoustic)


Rhythm track 1: g
Rhythm track 2: h3/2 h3/2 j3/2 j3/2 j
(j:CongaHi, j:CongaLow, g:Claves)

Two over three over four

Rhythm track 1: j/2
Rhythm track 2: e/3
Rhythm track 3: d/4
(d:BongoHi, e: BongoLow, j:CongaLow)

Frequently asked questions

How could the sound inventory be inspected? The sound inventory can be inspected from the keyboard with the '~' key.

How can the drum pads be configured? Drum pads can be added and removed with the '+' and '-' signs. The sounds then are selected from the drum sound inventory. The pads can be reordered by long pressing the pad and drag/drop it. The drum pads help memorizing the sounds and allow some interaction.

How can the individual loudness of a tone be influenced? The individual loudness of a tone can be configured by adding a plus or minus sign followed by a number. For example d/2-4. Rhythmtrack: g

How can the editied rhythm be stored? The Store button allows to select and create own rhythms

Altered Presets need to be dismissed or saved before another preset can be selected.

Rhythms can be selected with a double click and reordered in the list with long press.

Presets can be reloaded using the Reload button in the Store section.

Impressum: Music Synthesis Enterprise -- Bernhard Feiten -- -- Am Triftpark 13, 13437 Berlin, Germany